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This morning Silvia found the first eggs from our baby chickens, which we have had since 6 weeks old. They are now about 6 months old and we were starting to get concerned that they had not started laying yet. Also, our older hens have just about stopped laying for the season, and we have been more or less without eggs for over a month.

Out of excitement, I went out to examine the coop and found one of the nesting boxes surprisingly full of blue-green eggs! We have two sets of laying boxes, and Silvia must have checked the one where the older chickens lay their eggs. While I was looking at the lovely pile of bright blue eggs, Lola came running into the coop and stood territorially over them. Once she left I scooped them all up into my arms (and felt super guilty about it). In the first picture you can see a little white ping pong ball that I put in the box to “inspire” them to start laying. Guess it finally worked!

Hooray for beautiful new eggs at our little backyard farm…now time for a celebratory quiche!

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